Homeopathy has been used safely and successfully for thousands of years.

Homeopathy can treat any age group and almost any condition. If you want to know whether I can help with your problems you are welcome to contact me and ask.

Ailments can be acute -
     like flu, viral infections, fevers, coughs, headaches, rashes, tummy bugs etc.
or they can be chronic -
     like asthma, arthritis, IBS, eczema, hayfever, psoriasis, PMT, infertility

......the list is endless.....


Children respond very well to homeopathy. They go through many illnesses: fevers, coughs, colds etc. as their immune systems are maturing. They can benefit from homeopathic treatment to help them through these challenges. Homeopathy can support them to develop strong immune systems and can also help to avoid over-use of antibiotics. Bruises and scrapes can be speedily dealt with and recovery from accidents can be enhanced by using homeopathy.

We all have within us a powerful, vital force that is responsible for keeping us fit and well and buoyant. Given our modern-day life styles, there are many factors that can affect us, and many ways in which we can be knocked off-kilter. Just through normal everyday life we can reach levels of exhaustion or stress. We miss meals, we lose sleep; we face ordeals, disappointments and frustrations. We can only take so much before our reserves are spent and we become susceptible to illness of one sort or another.

Homeopathy supports the re-balancing process. It helps the body to heal itself.

Homeopathic remedies are usually given in the form of pills. These are pleasant-tasting and are sucked like sweets. Sometimes remedies are given as liquid drops which are fairly tasteless. Remedies are made from the three kingdoms of nature: animal (eg: cow’s milk, snake venom etc), vegetable (eg: all sorts of plants) and mineral (eg: calcium, graphite, gold etc.)   

Did you know:

  • There have been homeopathic hospitals in Britain for more than 150 years
  • Over the last two hundred years homeopathy has been standardised and is now regulated by the appropriate authorities.
  • You can’t become addicted to homeopathic remedies.
  • Remedies are very economical to produce and are ecologically sound.
  • There is no animal testing ever done at any stage during the production of remedies.
  • According to World Health Organisation reports, homeopathy is the 2nd most commonly used form of medicine in the world: 
    1st  = Chinese herbs + acupuncture
    2nd = Homeopathy                    
    3rd = Standard herbalism            
    4th = Orthodox Western medicine