Remedies: How To.

Homeopathic remedies need taking care of. A few simple rules will ensure you get the best out of them.

Taking your remedy

  • Choose a time when you haven't just had something else in your mouth - food, drink, toothpaste etc. Remedies work best in a 'clean mouth'. Absorption takes place through the lining of the mouth and this is why people are often advised to pop them under the tongue.
  • Handle tablets as little as possible and keep them in their container until it is time to take them.
  • Do not eat or drink etc for a good ten minutes after having finished your remedy.

Storing remedies

Keep remedies

  • away from direct light
  • at room temperature
  • away from strong smelling substances
  • a good meter away from anything with an electrical field (TVs, computers, fridges, microwaves, mobile or cordless phones etc.)
  • and always the golden rule: away from children. They cannot do any harm but a) you don't want to find them all gone, and b) it's a good idea for children to respect that all medicines are in adult hands.