Appointments & Treatment FRANCE

Your first consultation.
If you live too far to attend in person we can arrange appointments either through Skype or the phone. I much prefer to use Skype rather than the phone, especially at the outset. This is because I am interested in you and I need to observe you in order to pick up on all those little things that words don't say. To quote Hercule Poirot: "I will listen to what you say but I will hear what you mean", well I also like to see what you mean. Visual information is an important part of any communication and it is equally important during a homeopathic consultation.

I will need to know a lot about you. I will ask about your presenting complaint, your history - medical and otherwise - your family’s health patterns, your moods and emotional tendencies, your life-style, hobbies and interests, and anything else that seems relevant. I will listen carefully to your concerns and symptoms, and then recommend a remedy for you that takes your whole picture into consideration.
We will decide which method of payment would suit you and after I have received payment I can either place an order for your remedies to be posted and invoiced directly to you or give you all the information you need to source it for yourself. As I am not a medical doctor I am not allowed to write you a prescription but all homeopathic remedies can be purchased without prescriptions.

The treatment process.
The choice of remedy will be something that suits you as a whole person, not something that just treats your symptoms.  We will arrange a follow-up consultation and possibly, if needed before then, a time for you to contact me to let me know how you are. Over whatever time is necessary I will monitor and adjust your treatment with the aim of gently, but thoroughly, helping you to reach a much better balance of health and well-being. 
Consultations: length and frequency.
You will need to allow up to 1 1/2 hrs for the first consultation (babies / young children 1 hr) and 1/2 hr for follow-ups. Appointments are usually at four-weekly intervals, becoming less frequent as your condition improves.