The details! (For a simpler chronology see bottom of page)
My career began unintentionally in 1974 when I got a job in a shop. It wasn’t any old shop, it was Holland and Barrett. To put it in context, at that time wholemeal bread was only available in specialist shops, and if you ate brown rice you were considered eccentric.

My lunch breaks were spent reading the books from the bookstand. I hoovered up the information obsessively - and I haven’t looked back. Nutrition, diet, shiatsu, herbs, aromatherapy, iridology, colour healing, acupuncture, homeopathy... you name it, I read it.

In the late ‘70s I trained in massage, reflexology and Metamorphic Technique. I did a couple of counselling trainings including bereavement counselling.

In 1980, due to my own health problems, I discovered the healing effects of homeopathy and from then on I knew I wanted to study and become a homeopath. Circumstances didn’t allow that so by 1983 I had to accept that for the time being an evening class in homeopathy was as close as I was going to get. Finally, in 1988, I was able to start the 4yr professional course at the College of Homeopathy at Regent’s College.  I graduated in 1992 and have been in practice ever since.

Towards the end of my training I took over a homeopathy evening class, which I ran for a further three years.

I was fortunate to be involved in the setting up of a complementary therapy department at Lewisham Hospital in S.E. London, and lucky to be one of the two homeopaths who practised there for the whole of the three years that it was in existence.  As with much of the NHS there were massive funding problems and, sadly, the unit had to close.

For six years I took part in a European project, collecting cases of vaccine damage. In 2006 we (the EFVV) attracted international media attention when we presented our findings to the European Parliament. As a result of this work I learned a lot about the vaccination issue and have treated many children and adults with vaccine-related concerns. Our project is available on a CD Rom, in five languages. For details contact me. 

In 1999 I trained in Brain Gym and in 2000 I started the Kaleidoscope Programme - a holistic approach to helping children with learning difficulties.  I went on to take the “Brain Integration 1” training with Dr, Charles Krebs (a leading authority in brain research) and following on from that I was invited to a number of schools to run teacher training sessions.

In 2000 I invested in a QXCI health screening device, which I consider to be a valuable asset to my practice.

From 1992 - 2001 I worked in various clinics, moving from London to Hastings in 1995.  Since 2001 I have worked from home, moving out of the lounge into my own clinic room in the garden, newly built in 2005.

In August 2007 I remortgaged my house in order to purchase a 5.5 acre plot of land. It’s in an area of outstanding natural beauty, is totally organic, and in the summer is covered in orchids and other wild flowers. At the end of 2008 the Woodland Trust donated 800 saplings which have extended the local woodland by about 2 acres. In 2010 a further 200 trees were planted, bringing the total up to 1,000.

2008 saw the launch of New Leaf Creams, a small range of natural, herbal skincare products - an extension of creams that I’ve made for myself and for my patients over the years. With many organic ingredients and no chemical or petroleum additives, these hypoallergenic creams are being greeted with enthusiasm by people who care about issues like the environment and animal testing, as well as the quality of what we put on our skin.

Also in 2008 I became a relief worker for Autism Sussex, a charity that provides housing and support for adults with autism.

For many years - in my ‘free time’ (!) - I ran an a capella singing group, writing all the vocal arrangements and putting on performances to raise money for charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support and the local hospice. Sadly we ‘retired’ in 2011 as there are only 24 hours in the day and unfortunately I was beginning to need at least 30! However, in the lead up to the following Christmas I was asked to run a small choir for Autism Sussex to do some Christmas carols, so music still remains a part of my life.

In the summer of 2013 I bought a house in France and now spend much of my time there. My business address is still in St Leonards, UK and I continue to be available for consultations using Skype or my landline.


1974-75 Shop assistant Holland and Barrett, studied alternative therapies, diet etc.
1976-77 Went to music college.
1977-78 Travelled within Europe, qualified in massage, reflexology and metamorphic technique.
1981 Motherhood began!
1983-87 Counselling training, volunteer counsellor at a women’s project in Deptford, S.E.London.
1988-92 Homeopathy training, College of Homeopathy.
1989-2007 Worked for Helios Pharmacy.
1991-1994 Taught homeopathy evening class.
1992 Began homeopathic practice.
1994-97 Complementary Therapy Department, Lewisham Hospital, S.E.London.
1995 Moved to Hastings.
1999-2006 Member of European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance.
1999 Trained in Brain Gym.
2000 Started Kaleidoscope Programme for children with learning difficulties. Started using QXCI biofeedback machine.
2001 Did “Touch For Health” training.
2002 Trained in Brain Integration. Started training teachers at INSET days in schools.
2007 Purchased land at Hollingrove near Brightling for growing organic herbs and eco-retreat.
2008 Developed New Leaf Creams, a range of natural, herbal skincare products.
2008 Started relief work with Autism Sussex.
2011 Obtained my diploma in herbalism.