My Approach

My training was largely classical but it covered a variety of homeopathic methods. I have become fairly eclectic in my practice, adopting whatever method appears to be the most appropriate at the time.

I have a wide knowledge of other areas of natural medicine and I may suggest supplements or dietary changes to enhance or maintain your improvement.

I believe that homeopathy can treat most common ailments successfully and if, in using homeopathy, we avoid using antibiotics and other chemical types of medicine then our immune systems naturally become stronger. There may be the odd occasion where it is necessary for a patient to turn to antibiotics but if used sparingly like this I find they tend to work more swiftly and effectively because the patient's system is not used to them.

I am happy to work with patients who are taking orthodox medicines. Where it is safe, possible or advisable to stop these medicines I will support the patient to do so, with their GP's supervision. I believe that the fewer medicines we rely on, the healthier we are. I will liaise with GPs when necessary and I always encourage patients to access orthodox services when appropriate.